Celebrating our favorite pink-haired ghost girl, GHOST PRINCESS is a for-profit merch project!Preorders ARE NOW OPEN until 11:59PM MST on May 31st!


GHOST PRINCESS is a Perona-themed merch bundle/box that contains all sorts of fun and exciting merch! This merch box will contain both physical and digital merch, and may also contain a digital zine dependent on the Interest Check!What is this project about?GHOST PRINCESS is a merch project that focuses on the Ghost Princess, Perona. It will feature a plethora of different merch types for both physical and digital merch, all focused around Perona!What is a merch box/HoroHaul?A merch box, or as we the mod team lovingly call it the “HoroHaul”, is a collection of merch that is centered around a central theme/character, in this case our character being Perona! The box may include (but is not limited to): stickers, charms, prints, buttons, and stationery.Will there be a zine?Based on the Interest Check, there will unfortunately not be a zine in this project.How many pieces are we required to do if we get accepted?Based on the Interest Check and bundle contents, we are looking for two different types of artists for the project. In order to create fairness in the workload, you cannot hold more than one position, but there may be a chance for voluntary digital merch pieces!Physical Merch Artists will be making physical merch for the HoroHaul. Each Physical Merch Artist will be required to do three physical pieces—one “large-scale” piece and two “small-scale” pieces. If accepted, you will be provided with a list of 1-3 "large-scale" merch types that we would like you to pitch for, which we will give based on your preferences and after assessing the interest of all accepted applicants. Accepted contributors will be allowed to pitch up to two (2) pitches per piece type, but still will only be assigned one. For “small-scale” pieces, you can pitch up to four ideas for any listed piece type you desire! If a Physical Merch Artist wants to do more than one “large-scale” piece, that can be discussed!Digital Merch Artists will be making digital merch for the HoroHaul. For the Digital Bundle, we have taken into account what the IC merch votes were and have decided to go towards a more stationery/planner like theme! With that being said, each Digital Merch Artist will be required to create a minimum of three (3) digital pieces and can make up to as many as six (6) if they want. We are counting one emote/page as one piece, as opposed to multiple emotes being considered one piece. Each Digital Merch Artist will be required to submit six (6) pitches. How complex each piece is is up to the Digital Merch Artist and we will be taking into account the complexity of the merch pitch during the voting period. Because of the different ranges in complexity of stationery and discord emotes, we don’t want to predetermine the weight of each piece (as opposed to physical merch options).Digital Merch options that a Digital Merch Artist can pitch are the following:- Discord Emotes/Stickers
- Phone Wallpapers (calendars/reminder background/patterned backgrounds, etc)
- Stationery
- Planner Pages
- Bookmarks
(If a Digital Merch Artist has any other ideas that fit the theme, that can be discussed!)
Will there be a not safe for work portion?There will be no NSFW/Suggestive pieces of merch.Is there an age restriction on applications?Because this is a for-profit project, all contributors must be over the age of 18.Will this project be physical or digital?This project will be both, with the main focus being physical merch. We will be having digital merch available as well.How will contributors be compensated?All contributors will be compensated at minimum with all digital merch made for the project, as well as have the ability to purchase their physical merch at production cost+shipping. Our aim is to provide every contributor with a free full bundle, but this is dependent on the pre-order sales.After that, all remaining profits will be split between all zine members.Are you allowing ships in this project?Ships will not be allowed for this project.Are other characters allowed to be depicted?Other characters can be depicted but should be in the background and not the focus. The exception to this is Perona’s Hollows.What types of bundles do you plan on offering?We plan on offering the following bundle types:- Digital Bundle
- Flat Bundle
- Gacha Bundle (a half-ish bundle that is rng'd from the Full Bundle, with pity of course!)
- Full Bundle
Merch wise, we are looking to have: stickers, prints, charms, a standee, washi tape, photocards, can badges, and a sticker book! Quantities will vary per piece type, but we are looking at having over 20 items in the Full Bundle!

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AKAbFlareDigital Merch ArtistTwitterInstagram
AnaisDigital Merch ArtistTwitterInstagram
GodlessBlueDigital Merch ArtistTwitterInstagram
ArsandersPhysical Merch ArtistTwitterTumblr
BealouisPhysical Merch ArtistTwitter 
KiriWoouPhysical Merch ArtistTwitterInstagram
Risu RisuPhysical Merch ArtistInstagramTwitter
SalmonfishuuPhysical Merch ArtistInstagram 
ShirMaPhysical Merch ArtistTwitter 

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By purchasing from our shop, you acknowledge and agree to our terms and conditions.DisclaimerThis is a fan-made project. GHOST PRINCESS: A Perona Merch Project is not associated with or endorsed by Eiichiro Oda, Shueisha Jump Comics, Toei Animation, and other related media groups.Terms of SaleAll purchases are for personal use only. Redistribution or commercial use of any of our products is prohibited.All prices are listed in USD. Any purchases and associated shipping will be charged in USD.The GHOST PRINCESS team reserves the right to cancel and refund any orders which violate our policies.All items are preorders, and will not be shipped until after production of purchased goods has concluded. Please follow us on Twitter or Tumblr for updates on production progress.If you would like to upgrade your purchase - ex. from the Gacha Bundle to the Full Bundle - please contact us via email or the "Contact" page on our store with your order number, and we would be happy to assist you.Refunds, cancellations, and upgrades are only permitted until the end of the preorder period. After preorders have closed, all purchases are final.Terms of ShippingItems will be shipped from the USA.We are unable to ship to locations undergoing USPS service suspensions. Orders including physical items to any of these locations are subject to cancellation. Refunds will be provided if applicable.All shipping options are tracked. You will be provided with a tracking number via email when your order is dispatched.For certain countries, only limited tracking is available. Please see the linked page for more information.Shipping is expected to begin approximately 3 months after pre-orders end. This may be subject to delays, dependent on manufacturing and postal services - buyers will be kept up to date on production progress via our social media.An announcement about address confirmations will be posted prior to beginning shipping. To inform us about any address changes prior to this, please contact us by email or the "Contact" page on our store.Digital items will be distributed to the email address used to make your purchase, after all physical orders have been dispatched. Please ensure that your email is entered correctly, as this will be our primary method of communication with you regarding your order.GHOST PRINCESS will not be liable for replacing orders that are incorrect or undelivered due to buyer or postal service errors. If your order is lost or damaged during transit, we will not accept returns.Buyers will be responsible for paying any expenses incurred by their purchase - including, but not limited to VAT, customs, or import fees.


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Finance & Co-SocialsLover of OP Marines and zines. Been a mod on over 30 zines at this point, and a writer on more!

Merch Artist
Sapphic lady who is very much a perona lover at heart < 3

GraphicsHi, I’m ceylon & I like ducks, cats, hamhams, & writing 🌝 perona mY LOVEEEEE, I love her sm 💛

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BudgetI heard cute ghosties and I am here

Organization/Co-SocialsI love spreadsheets. (Google Drive is my second home.)

Lineart by MushroomGrenade and Coloring by Jess!


Interest Check OpensOctober 13th, 2023
Interest Check ClosesOctober 31st, 2023
Contributor Apps OpenNovember 6th, 2023
Contributor Apps CloseDecember 4th, 2023
Results SentDecember 11th, 2023
Deadline To JoinDecember 21st, 2023
Pitches DueJan 5th, 2024
Pitches ReturnedJanuary 10th, 2024
Check-in One (outline/sketch)January 27th, 2024
Check-in Two (50%)February 18th, 2024
Check-in Three (75%)March 10th, 2024
Check-in Four (100%)March 31st, 2024
Final (no further changes)April 14th, 2024
POs StartMay 1st, 2024
POs EndMay 31st, 2024 11:59PM MST